Category B (Car)

1. You are on a good,dry road surface and your vehicle has good brakes and tyre's. What is the typical overall stopping distance at 60 mph
A) 12 meters/40 feet.
B) 73 meters/240 feet.
C) 36 meters/120 feet.
D) 96 meters/315 feet.
2. You are on a motorway what colour are the reflective studs on the left of the carriageway?
A) Amber.
B) Red.
C) Green.
D) White.
3. How can you tell the difference between a contra flow sign and a with flow sign?
A) They are a different colour.
B) The contra flow sign has arrows in it.
C) The with flow sign is red
D) The with flow sign is a triangle.
4. Can driving with fog lights on be against the law.
A) Yes
B) No
C) Only in the summer.
D) Not if it is Dark.
5. A statutory off road notification will last? (SORN)
A) For 12 months only
B) For as long as you own the vehicle
C) Until the vehicle warranty expires
D) For 12 years
6. Case Study.
You decide to visit your friend who lives approx 20 miles away.
Nearing the end of your journey you come to a pedestrian crossing... why should you never wave a person on to the crossing ?
A) There may be another vehicle coming.
B) They may not be paying attention.
C) It is safer for you to carry on.
D) They may be not see you
7. The police may ask you to produce which three of these documents following an accident.
A) Pilots licence, insurance ,driving licence
B) Insurance,driving licence vehicle registration
C) Insurance,dog licence, vehicle registration
D) Mot certificate,driving licence , insurance
8. How Long does a sorn certificate last.
A) 12 Weeks
B) 12 Months
C) 6 months
D) 6 weeks
9. Areas reserved for trams may have
A) Road surface textured
B) Road surface coloured
C) White line markings
D) All of the Above
10. Does a Puffin Crossing have a Flashing Amber phase that is visable to the driver of the vehicle?
A) at peak traffic times only
B) Only on Sundays.
C) No
D) Yes
11. You are on a good ,dry ,road surface and your vehicle has good brakes and tyres.What is the typical overall stopping distance at 20mp
A) 12 meters (40 feet)
B) 23 meters (75 feet)
C) 36 meters (120 feet)
D) 53 meters (175 feet)
12. What is most likely to cause high fuel consumption?
A) Poor steering.
B) Accelerating around bends.
C) Staying in high gears.
D) Harsh braking and accelerating.
13. You should switch your rear fog lights on when visibility drops below?
A) 200 meters
B) 100 meters
C) Ten car lengths
D) Your overall stopping distance
14. Where may you overtake on a one-way street?
A) Left.
B) Right.
C) Left & right.
D) No overtaking allowed.
15. Motorway Telephones normally connect you to an operator @ a?
A) Police station
B) the Rac
C) a Control Centre
D) the BBC
16. What colour are the reflective studs between a motorway and its slip road?
A) Blue
B) Orange
C) Red
D) Green
17. On a motorway the amber reflective studs can be found?
A) Between lanes.
B) Across the carriageway.
C) At slip roads.
D) Between the centre reservation and the carriageway.
18. Vehicles with anti-lock brakes?
A) Accelerate much faster
B) Can be steered while you are braking in an emergency
C) Are impossible to skid
D) Are used while driving in snow
19. What is Aqua planing.
A) When you dive from a cliff and hit the water at an angle.
B) Aquaplaning when water has built up betweeen the tyre and the road making you slide along the road.
C) Surfing
D) When your car is sliding along a frozen surface after a snow storm.
20. When driving a car fitted with automatic transmission what would you use kick down for?
A) Slow braking.
B) Quick acceleration.
C) Fuel economy.
D) Cruise control.