Category B (Car)

1. You are in a tunnel your vehicle is on fire and you cannot drive it . What should you do?
A) Try and put out the fire, switch on your hazard warning lights
B) Try and put out the fire,switch off hazards
C) Push it out of the tunnel
D) all of the above
2. What is the max speed on a single carriageway road?
A) 50mph
B) 60mph
C) 70mph
D) 40mph
3. You see a pedestrian with a dog. The dog has a yellow or burgundy coat .This especially warns you that the pedestrian is?
A) Deaf.
B) Blind & deaf.
C) Dog training.
D) Colour blind.
4. Powered vehicles used by disabled people are small and hard to see. How do they give early warning when on a dual carriageway?
A) They will have a flashing green light.
B) They will have a flashing red light.
C) They will have a flashing amber light.
D) They will have a flashing blue light.
5. Before entering a tunnel its good advice to?
A) Switch off the lights.
B) Tune your radio to a local channel.
C) Change to a lower gear
D) Get the shades on.
6. What is most likely to cause high fuel consumption?
A) Poor steering.
B) Accelerating around bends.
C) Staying in high gears.
D) Harsh braking and accelerating.
7. On a motorway the amber reflective studs can be found?
A) Between lanes.
B) Across the carriageway.
C) At slip roads.
D) Between the centre reservation and the carriageway.
8. How Long does a sorn certificate last.
A) 12 Weeks
B) 12 Months
C) 6 months
D) 6 weeks
9. What is Aqua planing.
A) When you dive from a cliff and hit the water at an angle.
B) Aquaplaning when water has built up betweeen the tyre and the road making you slide along the road.
C) Surfing
D) When your car is sliding along a frozen surface after a snow storm.
10. Motorway Telephones normally connect you to an operator @ a?
A) Police station
B) the Rac
C) a Control Centre
D) the BBC
11. You are on a good,dry road surface and your vehicle has good brakes and tyre's. What is the typical overall stopping distance at 60 mph
A) 12 meters/40 feet.
B) 73 meters/240 feet.
C) 36 meters/120 feet.
D) 96 meters/315 feet.
12. Which of these emergency services might have blue flashing beacons? select two answers
A) Coast guards & mountain rescue
B) Doctors cars
C) Animal rescue
D) Bomb disposal teams
13. The contra flow sign is found.
A) On a two way traffic road
B) On a country road
C) On a one way street
D) On a hump back bridge
14. How fast can you go on a scooter or wheel chair adapted for a user with disabilities.?
A) OAP's can go 12mph
B) Oaps can go 10mph
C) Any speed the wheelchair is capable of
D) 8mph
15. Who of these will not have to pay congestion charges in London?
A) A car driver whose vehicle is more than 1000cc
B) A van driver making delivers
C) A driver who just wants to park in the area
D) A rider of a two- wheeled vehicle
16. You are on a good, dry, road surface and your vehicle has good brakes and tyres. What is the typical overall stopping distance at 70mph?
A) 53 meters /175 feet.
B) 73meters/240 feet.
C) 96 meters /315 feet.
D) 12 meters/ 40 feet.
17. Areas reserved for trams may have
A) Road surface textured
B) Road surface coloured
C) White line markings
D) All of the Above
18. You are towing a small caravan on a dual carriageway.You must not exceed?
A) 70mph
B) 80mph
C) 50mph
D) 60mph
19. Tyre pressures should be checked?
A) Once a day
B) Once a week
C) Every time before driving
D) Once a month
20. What color are the coundown markers that lead to a concealed level crossing.
A) Blue.
B) Red
C) Green only in Ireland
D) Red Only in UK