Category B (Car)

1. Which three pieces of information are found on a vehicle registration documents? Known as a V5 select two answers ...
A) Registered keeper's name address and the make of the vehicle.
B) Engine size.
C) Service history,type of insurance cover.
D) The cars birthday
2. What colour are the reflective studs between a motorway and its slip road?
A) Blue
B) Orange
C) Red
D) Green
3. How fast can you go on a scooter or wheel chair adapted for a user with disabilities.?
A) OAP's can go 12mph
B) Oaps can go 10mph
C) Any speed the wheelchair is capable of
D) 8mph
4. Congestion charges apply in the London area .Who of these will not have to pay?
A) A person who drives through the area.
B) A driver making deliveries.
C) A person who lives in the area.
D) A driver with no other passengers in the vehicle.
5. Does a Puffin Crossing have a Flashing Amber phase that is visable to the driver of the vehicle?
A) at peak traffic times only
B) Only on Sundays.
C) No
D) Yes
6. You have broken down on a two-way road. You have a warning triangle.At what distance and where should it be displayed?
A) 100 meters behind you
B) On the roof of the car
C) At least 45 meters behind your vehicle
D) 50 meters behind you
7. You see an amber traffic light on its own what will come next?
A) Green
B) Amber & Green
C) Red Alone
D) Red & Amber
8. A statutory off road notification will last? (SORN)
A) For 12 months only
B) For as long as you own the vehicle
C) Until the vehicle warranty expires
D) For 12 years
9. What percentage of all emissions does road transport account for?
A) 10%
B) 40%
C) 20%
D) 60%
10. The police may ask you to produce which three of these documents following an accident.
A) Pilots licence, insurance ,driving licence
B) Insurance,driving licence vehicle registration
C) Insurance,dog licence, vehicle registration
D) Mot certificate,driving licence , insurance
11. You are on a good, dry, road surface and your vehicle has good brakes and tyres. What is the typical overall stopping distance at 70mph?
A) 53 meters /175 feet.
B) 73meters/240 feet.
C) 96 meters /315 feet.
D) 12 meters/ 40 feet.
12. You are parking at night on a road with a 40 mph speed limit. Which of the following apply?
A) With parking lights on.
B) With dipped headlights on.
C) Near a street light.
D) Facing the traffic.
13. You should switch your rear fog lights on when visibility drops below?
A) 200 meters
B) 100 meters
C) Ten car lengths
D) Your overall stopping distance
14. When should you update your vehicle registration certificate? (V5C)
A) When you pass your driving test.
B) When you move house.
C) After your 1st mot.
D) When you have an accident.
15. Using mobile phone when driving is illegal. Your chances of having an accident increase by?
A) Four times
B) Eight times
C) Twelve times
D) Two times
16. At puffin crossings,which light will not show to a driver.
A) Red.
B) Flashing amber.
C) Green.
D) Steady amber.
17. What is Aqua planing.
A) When you dive from a cliff and hit the water at an angle.
B) Aquaplaning when water has built up betweeen the tyre and the road making you slide along the road.
C) Surfing
D) When your car is sliding along a frozen surface after a snow storm.
18. Vehicles with anti-lock brakes?
A) Accelerate much faster
B) Can be steered while you are braking in an emergency
C) Are impossible to skid
D) Are used while driving in snow
19. Where you see street lights but no speed limit signs the limit is usually?
A) 60mph.
B) 50mph.
C) 40mph.
D) 30mph.
20. What color are the coundown markers that lead to a concealed level crossing.
A) Blue.
B) Red
C) Green only in Ireland
D) Red Only in UK