Category B (Car)

1. What colour are the reflective studs between a motorway and its slip road?
A) White
B) Red
C) Amber
D) Green
2. You have third party insurance.What does this cover?
A) Damage to your vehicle.
B) It wont pay for any of your costs. It is in place to cover costs incurred or to make good damage you cause to another vehicle only / not your vehicle.
C) Injury to yourself
D) Damage to your vehicle by fire
3. Freezing conditions will affect the distance it takes you to come to a stop. You should expect stopping distances to increase by up to?
A) 8 times.
B) 4 times.
C) 2 times.
D) 10 times.
4. Tyre pressures should be checked?
A) Once a day
B) Once a week
C) Every time before driving
D) Once a month
5. Areas reserved for trams may have
A) Road surface textured
B) Road surface coloured
C) White line markings
D) All of the Above
6. Before entering a tunnel its good advice to?
A) Switch off the lights.
B) Tune your radio to a local channel.
C) Change to a lower gear
D) Get the shades on.
7. A police officer asks to see your documents. You do not have them with you. You may produce them at a police station within?
A) 5 days
B) 14 days
C) 7 days
D) 21 days
8. Powered vehicles used by disabled people are small and hard to see. How do they give early warning when on a dual carriageway?
A) They will have a flashing green light.
B) They will have a flashing red light.
C) They will have a flashing amber light.
D) They will have a flashing blue light.
9. Which three pieces of information are found on a vehicle registration documents? Known as a V5 select two answers ...
A) Registered keeper's name address and the make of the vehicle.
B) Engine size.
C) Service history,type of insurance cover.
D) The cars birthday
10. Where you see street lights but no speed limit signs the limit is usually?
A) 60mph.
B) 50mph.
C) 40mph.
D) 30mph.
11. On a motorway the amber reflective studs can be found?
A) Between lanes.
B) Across the carriageway.
C) At slip roads.
D) Between the centre reservation and the carriageway.
12. You are in a tunnel your vehicle is on fire and you cannot drive it . What should you do?
A) Try and put out the fire, switch on your hazard warning lights
B) Try and put out the fire,switch off hazards
C) Push it out of the tunnel
D) all of the above
13. What color of studs do you find on a motorway?
A) Green and Blue
B) Red White Blue
C) Red Amber Green and White
D) White
14. What is the max speed on a single carriageway road?
A) 50mph
B) 60mph
C) 70mph
D) 40mph
15. Does a Puffin Crossing have a Flashing Amber phase that is visable to the driver of the vehicle?
A) at peak traffic times only
B) Only on Sundays.
C) No
D) Yes
16. Can you skid when doing an emergency stop using ABS brakes? select 2 answers..
A) Yes if road surface is loose ie stones.
B) Yes if the road has snow or ice on the surface
C) No never.
D) Yes if somone has dropped a bannana skin
17. You see an amber traffic light on its own what will come next?
A) Green
B) Amber & Green
C) Red Alone
D) Red & Amber
18. You are on a motorway what colour are the reflective studs on the left of the carriageway?
A) Amber.
B) Red.
C) Green.
D) White.
19. You are driving towards a left hand bend. What dangers should you be aware of?
A) A vehicle overtaking you
B) No whitelines in the centre of the road
C) No sign to warn you of the bend
D) Pedestrians walking towards you
20. You see a pedestrian with a dog. The dog has a yellow or burgundy coat .This especially warns you that the pedestrian is?
A) Deaf.
B) Blind & deaf.
C) Dog training.
D) Colour blind.