Category B (Car)

1. What color of studs do you find on a motorway?
A) Green and Blue
B) Red White Blue
C) Red Amber Green and White
D) White
2. You have third party insurance.What does this cover?
A) Damage to your vehicle.
B) It wont pay for any of your costs. It is in place to cover costs incurred or to make good damage you cause to another vehicle only / not your vehicle.
C) Injury to yourself
D) Damage to your vehicle by fire
3. Case Study Questions.
In your Theory Test you will be presented with one case study where you will be required to answer 5 questions that are related to the scenario displayed on screen.
Each question will still be in the multiple choice format as with the other Theory Test questions.
You will still need to answer 50 multiple choice questions that are broken down as follows:

45 multiple choice questions
5 multiple choice questions that relate to the case study

The pass mark remains at 43/50.

An example of the type of case study question is shown below.

There is nothing to be worried about providing you know all the current questions in the \'Official Theory Test\' question bank.
If you were driving and missed the road you should have taken and need to turn round in the road because you were talking to Sally about her boyfriend Mike and went the wrong way.
You can carry out a u turn but first you need to ....
A) Give an arm gesture as well as signals.
B) Signal.
C) Select a higher gear.
D) Look Over your shoulder to check blind spot before turning.
4. You are in a tunnel your vehicle is on fire and you cannot drive it . What should you do?
A) Try and put out the fire, switch on your hazard warning lights
B) Try and put out the fire,switch off hazards
C) Push it out of the tunnel
D) all of the above
5. At puffin crossings,which light will not show to a driver.
A) Red.
B) Flashing amber.
C) Green.
D) Steady amber.
6. What colour are the reflective studs between a motorway and its slip road?
A) White
B) Red
C) Amber
D) Green
7. You are following a vehicle on a wet road. You should leave a time gap of at least how many seconds?
A) 2 .
B) 4 .
C) 6 .
D) 8 .
8. When should you STOP on a motorway? Select 2 answers
A) When you are tired and need a rest or if your mobile rings.
B) If you have to read a map or you need to have a cigarette.
C) When told to by the police or when signalled by a highways agency traffic officer.
D) When a red light is lit above every lane or when told to by the police.
9. You are towing a small caravan on a dual carriageway.You must not exceed?
A) 70mph
B) 80mph
C) 50mph
D) 60mph
10. You should switch your rear fog lights on when visibility drops below?
A) 200 meters
B) 100 meters
C) Ten car lengths
D) Your overall stopping distance
11. You are on a good ,dry ,road surface and your vehicle has good brakes and tyres.What is the typical overall stopping distance at 20mp
A) 12 meters (40 feet)
B) 23 meters (75 feet)
C) 36 meters (120 feet)
D) 53 meters (175 feet)
12. You see an amber traffic light on its own what will come next?
A) Green
B) Amber & Green
C) Red Alone
D) Red & Amber
13. Vehicles with anti-lock brakes?
A) Accelerate much faster
B) Can be steered while you are braking in an emergency
C) Are impossible to skid
D) Are used while driving in snow
14. How can you help save the environment ? select 2 answers
A) By using a bycyle more.
B) Drive journeys with more planning involved
C) free wheel down hills
D) look out the side window at the flowers
15. A statutory off road notification will last? (SORN)
A) For 12 months only
B) For as long as you own the vehicle
C) Until the vehicle warranty expires
D) For 12 years
16. You are parking at night on a road with a 40 mph speed limit. Which of the following apply?
A) With parking lights on.
B) With dipped headlights on.
C) Near a street light.
D) Facing the traffic.
17. When driving a car fitted with automatic transmission what would you use kick down for?
A) Slow braking.
B) Quick acceleration.
C) Fuel economy.
D) Cruise control.
18. You have just passed your practical test. You do not hold a full license in another category. If within the first two years you get six penalty points on your license. What will you have to do? Select two answers
A) Re-apply for your provisional license
B) Re-take only your theory test
C) Re-take practical tests
D) Re-take your theory and practical tests
19. Which of these emergency services might have blue flashing beacons? select two answers
A) Coast guards & mountain rescue
B) Doctors cars
C) Animal rescue
D) Bomb disposal teams
20. Can driving with fog lights on be against the law.
A) Yes
B) No
C) Only in the summer.
D) Not if it is Dark.