Category C (Rigid Lorry)

1. On a three-line braking system to the trailer of a lorry what colour is the auxiliary line?
A) Red.
B) Blue.
C) Yellow.
D) Green.
2. Trams running on electricity
will have.
A) Metal studs near them
B) White lines.
C) Box Junctions
D) Normal Traffic lights with flashing Amber Phase.
3. What is the minimium height of an unmarked bridge?
A) 4.0meters (16.7mm).
B) 5.0meters (16.6inches).
C) 16.6meters (5.0 inches).
D) 3.6 meters (16inches).
4. After recoupling your trailer you should adjust your mirrors to enable you to see.
A) The full view of your load.
B) Both pairs of rear wheels.
C) Down each side of the trailer.
D) The road on the other side.
5. You are driving a lorry with a high load. Telephone companies on the route must be told if the height is more than?
A) 4 meters.
B) 4.30 meters
C) 5 meters
D) 5.25 meters
6. At the end of your working week you have driven a total of 56hours. What is the max number of hours that you can drive in the following week under EC rules?
A) 24.
B) 34.
C) 44.
D) 54.
7. The legs on a demountable body allow you to?
A) Load and unload the body without stopping.
B) Demount the body without a crane.
C) Stack one body on top of another.
D) Alter the overall height of the vehicle.
8. Air tanks on brake systems require draining because?
A) Excess coolant may collect in them.
B) Rain water can often seep in.
C) Any engine leakages are directed here.
D) Of moisture drawn in from the atmosphere.
9. If your brake servo unit is giving you trouble one of the signs is your brake pedal will feel
A) Hard
B) warm
C) wet
D) cold
10. The emergency line is common to both two and three-line brake systems.What is its colour?
A) Red
B) Blue
C) Black
D) Yellow
11. Your tractor unit has three air lines. you are connecting to a trailer with two airlines .What colour is the line you should not connect to the trailer?
A) Red
B) Black
C) Yellow
D) Blue
12. Hazard warnings lights may be used in which two of these situations? select two answers..
A) To thank a driver who has let you pull in after overtaking.
B) As a warning to drivers that you are towing another vehicle.
C) When driving on motorways or dual carriageways to warn drivers behind you of a hazard ahead.
D) When your vehicle has stopped to warn others of an obstruction.
13. Under EC rules a tachograph must be - recalibrated every.
A) 4 years
B) 6 years
C) 8 years
D) 10 years
14. Fifth wheels need to be inspected.
A) Daily
B) Weekly.
C) Monthly.
D) Every fifth day of the month.
15. At very low temperatures diesel fuel will become less effective unless?
A) Anti-freeze is added.
B) Anti-waxing additives are added.
C) Petrol is added.
D) Paraffin is added.
16. Which of these are areas where lorry's are most affected by cross wind. Select 2 answers
A) Viaducts
B) Motorway flyovers
C) single roads
D) dual carriageways
17. As the driver of a vehicle fitted with an ant-lock braking system,you should check it is working before each?
A) Service.
B) Day\\\\\\\'s work./journey
C) mot
D) Week\\\\\\\'s Work
18. In a diesel engine which of the following fuels would most improve vehicle emissions.
A) High sulphur diesels.
B) Red diesel.
C) Low sulphur diesel.
D) Blue diesel.
19. When moving off in mud and you think you may loose traction.(TYRES MIGHT LOOSE GRIP ) you should....
A) Use low range.
B) Use High range.
C) Use both
D) Never use low range unless driving in snow.
20. You can use hazard warning lights while moving if?
A) Your towing another vehicle.
B) Traffic in front on a motorway is being slowed down fast.
C) Being towed by another vehicle.
D) An overtaking lorry has cleared the front of your vehicle.