Category C (Rigid Lorry)

1. How far can a load overhang at the rear before you must use triangular projection markers?
A) 1m
B) 2.9 m
C) 3m
D) 2m
2. Cat C Vehicle Driver can tow
A) Anything.above 7500 kg
B) 3 Quarter tonne trailer
C) A large trailer
D) A trailler that weight is 750 kg
3. A vehicle that has to be carefull to avoid roll over May have ?
A) Bricks on Board
B) Beer On Board
C) Hay On Board
D) Horse Burgers on board.
4. A fifth wheel coupling relies on which of the following connection devices?
A) A queen pin.
B) A cousin pin.
C) A king pin.
D) Crank handle.
5. You are driving a lorry with a maximum authorised mass of more than 7.5 tonnes.What is the national speed limit on a dual carriageway?
A) 40 mph
B) 50 mph
C) 60 mph
D) 70 mph
6. Your lorry is stuck in snow. You use the diff-lock to move off. When should you switch the diff-lock off?
A) Only after selecting top gear.
B) Once the engine has warmed up.
C) As soon as the snow has cleared.
D) As soon as the vehicle is moving.
7. Fifth wheels need to be inspected.
A) Daily
B) Weekly.
C) Monthly.
D) Every fifth day of the month.
8. How often shold your anti lock brakes be checked.
A) After each journey.
B) after one week.
C) before a journey.
D) prior to going up a hill.
9. Triangular projection markers are required when your load is wider than 2.9 meters what color are these?
A) Black/yellow.
B) Red/yellow.
C) Black/white
D) Red/white.
10. After recoupling your trailer you should adjust your mirrors to enable you to see.
A) The full view of your load.
B) Both pairs of rear wheels.
C) Down each side of the trailer.
D) The road on the other side.
11. You are uncoupling a lorry and trailer. After disconnecting the electric line you should?
A) Stow it away safely.
B) Drive forward slowly.
C) Lower the landing gear.
D) Apply the trailer brake.
12. How wide can a load be before you must have side markers?
A) 3.9m
B) 2.9m
C) 3.4m
D) 2.8m
13. When driving you notice your tachograph is not working.What should you do?
A) Stop immediately until its repaired.
B) Report it to the nearest poice station.
C) Telephone the vehicle inspectorate and report the fault.
D) Continue your journey but make manual entries on the chart.
14. Your tachograph chart becomes dirty or damaged. What should you do?
A) Continue with the same chart and enter the details in writing.
B) Use a spare chart and destroy the damaged chart.
C) Use a spare chart and attach it to the damaged one.
D) Continue to use the chart.
15. You are stationary. The air brake pressure warning light comes on. Why should you not release the parking brake?
A) Because the vehicle wil suddenly roll backwards.
B) Because it will cause the air pressure to rise.
C) Because the service brake may not stop you.
D) Because the warning light will go out.
16. Using poor quality diesel fuel may lead to?
A) Better fuel economy.
B) Lower exhaust emissions.
C) longer service intervals.
D) Early blockage of a fuel injector.
17. Jack-Knifing of an articulated lorry is more likely to occur when the trailer is?
A) Loaded at the front.
B) Loaded at the rear.
C) Unloaded.
D) Fully loaded.
18. Trams running on electricity
will have.
A) Metal studs near them
B) White lines.
C) Box Junctions
D) Normal Traffic lights with flashing Amber Phase.
19. What is the best type of axle to avoid roll over.
A) single with double set of wheels
B) double with single set of wheels
C) tri axcle with single wheels
D) single with tri wheels
20. The near side of a vehicle is
A) The side close to the kerb
B) The side close to the centre line
C) The Passenger side of the vehicle
D) The driver side of the vehicle