Category C (Rigid Lorry)

1. You are driving a 38 tonnes lorry and trailer on a dual carriageway with a national speed limit applies sign : (white circle with black line through it.) What is your max speed is?
A) 40mph.
B) 50mph.
C) 60mph.
D) 70mph.
2. Air tanks on brake systems require draining because?
A) Excess coolant may collect in them.
B) Rain water can often seep in.
C) Any engine leakages are directed here.
D) Of moisture drawn in from the atmosphere.
3. You may park a lorry over 7.5tonnes on a verge for essential loading if?
A) You have a side lift.
B) If you have rear markings.
C) If you have a permit.
D) If you have an attendant with you.
4. Your lorry is stuck in snow. You use the diff-lock to move off. When should you switch the diff-lock off?
A) Only after selecting top gear.
B) Once the engine has warmed up.
C) As soon as the snow has cleared.
D) As soon as the vehicle is moving.
5. You are driving a 14 tonnes lorry on a motorway , what is max speed permitted ?
A) Maximum speed 40mph.
B) Maximium speed 50mph.
C) Maximum speed 60mph.
D) Maximium speed 70mph.
6. If using a tachograph which of the following apply? select two answers..
A) You must carry enough approved charts.
B) Damaged charts can be used if they are clean.
C) Dirty charts can be used if they are undamaged.
D) All charts must be cleaned and undamaged.
7. What causes \'brake fade\'?
A) Continuous use of the brakes.
B) Repeated pumping of the brakes.
C) Loss of air pressure in the system.
D) Badly worn brake pads.
8. The tachograph will start recording as soon as?
A) The chart is inserted.
B) The vehicle starts.
C) When you press start.
D) When the handbrake is taken off.
9. What is the minimium height of an unmarked bridge?
A) 4.0meters (16.7mm).
B) 5.0meters (16.6inches).
C) 16.6meters (5.0 inches).
D) 3.6 meters (16inches).
10. A large vehicle is most stable when driven in a straight line under.
A) Harsh braking.
B) Gentle braking.
C) Gentle acceleration.
D) Harsh acceleration.
11. You are making a journey with a co-driver. When the other person is driving you may show some of this time as.
A) A daily rest period.
B) A weekly rest period.
C) A break in daily driving.
D) Driving time.
12. A vehicle that has to be carefull to avoid roll over May have ?
A) Bricks on Board
B) Beer On Board
C) Hay On Board
D) Horse Burgers on board.
13. At very low temperatures diesel fuel will become less effective unless?
A) Anti-freeze is added.
B) Anti-waxing additives are added.
C) Petrol is added.
D) Paraffin is added.
14. How far can a load overhang at the rear before you must use triangular projection markers?
A) 1metre .
B) 1.5 metres.
C) 2 meters.
D) 2.9 meters.
15. You are driving a 14 tonnes lorry on a single carriageway road with a national speed limit applies sign what is the max speed limit?
A) Max 30mph.
B) Max 40mph.
C) Max 50mph.
D) Max 60 mph.
16. A tractor unit has three air lines.You are connecting to a trailer with two air lines.What
colour is the line you should NOT connect to the trailer?
A) Red .
B) Yellow.
C) Black.
D) Blue.
17. You are driving a lorry with a high load. Telephone companies on the route must be told if the height is more than?
A) 4 meters.
B) 4.30 meters
C) 5 meters
D) 5.25 meters
18. Under EC rules a tachograph must be - recalibrated every.
A) 4 years
B) 6 years
C) 8 years
D) 10 years
19. When moving off in mud and you think you may loose traction.(TYRES MIGHT LOOSE GRIP ) you should....
A) Use low range.
B) Use High range.
C) Use both
D) Never use low range unless driving in snow.
20. Using your Air con unit will allow you to reduce your fuel costs by cooling the air that surrounds you in your vehicle. Select 2 answers
A) not true
B) true
C) Using your Air con uses more fuel.
D) Only when raining