Category C (Rigid Lorry)

1. After Recoupling The Trailer you should adjust your mirrors to see.
A) Out the back window
B) Out the side windows
C) At the front tyre.
D) Down both sides of the trailer.
2. Your tractor unit has three air lines. you are connecting to a trailer with two airlines .What colour is the line you should not connect to the trailer?
A) Red
B) Black
C) Yellow
D) Blue
3. Vehicle bounce is greater on ?
A) Long Wheel Base vehicles.
B) Short Wheel Base Vehicles
C) Middle Wheel Base Vehicles.
D) Long Wheel lgv
4. A plain orange rectangle indicates that a vehicle is carrying.
A) The vehicle has been checked by customs.
B) Oranges
C) Electric Supplys
D) Dangerous goods.
5. Under EC rules what is the maximum daily driving time allowed?
A) 9 hours extended to ten hours on two days of the week.
B) 8 hours on three days a week.
C) 6 hours extended to 9 hours two days a week.
D) 10 hours extended to 9 hours.
6. A tractor unit has three air lines.You are connecting to a trailer with two air lines.What
colour is the line you should NOT connect to the trailer?
A) Red .
B) Yellow.
C) Black.
D) Blue.
7. How wide can a load be before you must have side markers?
A) 3.9m
B) 2.9m
C) 3.4m
D) 2.8m
8. Your tachograph chart becomes dirty or damaged. What should you do?
A) Continue with the same chart and enter the details in writing.
B) Use a spare chart and destroy the damaged chart.
C) Use a spare chart and attach it to the damaged one.
D) Continue to use the chart.
9. Rolling resistance, sometimes called rolling friction or rolling drag
If using Low Rolling Resistance Tyres You will
A) Save Fuel
B) Use more Fuel
C) freewheel doen hills better
D) Roll down hils much faster when coasting
10. What is the correct name for the situation when an unladed lorry is most likely to loose control not a laden one !!!
A) Jason knife
B) Steady Eddie Knife
C) Darren Knife
D) Jack Knife
11. If you drive a fully loaded petrol tanker with a max of 10 tonnes you must.
A) Have a warning triangle on your window.
B) You must have a flame suit in your cab.
C) You can only smoke when inside the cab
D) you must have a valid DVLA approved Course Certificate.
12. The near side of a vehicle is
A) The side close to the kerb
B) The side close to the centre line
C) The Passenger side of the vehicle
D) The driver side of the vehicle
13. During your break your vehicle will be moved by another person. What should you do with the tachograph chart?
A) Leave the chart in the vehicle and record the changes on the back.
B) Put in a new chart on your return to the vehicle.
C) Switch to rest mode to record the break.
D) Remove the chart and make a manual record of the break period.
14. If your brake servo unit is giving you trouble one of the signs is your brake pedal will feel
A) Hard
B) warm
C) wet
D) cold
15. You may park a lorry over 7.5tonnes on a verge for essential loading if?
A) You have a side lift.
B) If you have rear markings.
C) If you have a permit.
D) If you have an attendant with you.
16. When driving you notice your tachograph is not working.What should you do?
A) Stop immediately until its repaired.
B) Report it to the nearest poice station.
C) Telephone the vehicle inspectorate and report the fault.
D) Continue your journey but make manual entries on the chart.
17. In a diesel engine which of the following fuels would most improve vehicle emissions.
A) High sulphur diesels.
B) Red diesel.
C) Low sulphur diesel.
D) Blue diesel.
18. Jack-Knifing of an articulated lorry is more likely to occur when the trailer is?
A) Loaded at the front.
B) Loaded at the rear.
C) Unloaded.
D) Fully loaded.
19. Air tanks on brake systems require draining because?
A) Excess coolant may collect in them.
B) Rain water can often seep in.
C) Any engine leakages are directed here.
D) Of moisture drawn in from the atmosphere.
20. You are driving a tractor unit fitted with two air lines. You want to couple up to a trailer with three air-lines.How should this be done.
A) The trailer auxiliary line should be left unconnected.
B) Only the auxiliary line should be connected.
C) Only the service line should be connected.
D) The trailer service line should be left unconnected.