Category C (Rigid Lorry)

1. You are driving in heavy fog on a motorway and you look down to your left and see green studs !!! What colour should you be looking at if your going straight on?
A) Red
B) Yellow
C) Amber
D) JP advice You should have went to spec savers
2. A large vehicle is most stable when driven in a straight line under.
A) Harsh braking.
B) Gentle braking.
C) Gentle acceleration.
D) Harsh acceleration.
3. Hazard warnings lights may be used in which two of these situations? select two answers..
A) To thank a driver who has let you pull in after overtaking.
B) As a warning to drivers that you are towing another vehicle.
C) When driving on motorways or dual carriageways to warn drivers behind you of a hazard ahead.
D) When your vehicle has stopped to warn others of an obstruction.
4. An engine management system on your vehicle.
A) will cause you to use less fuel if you press the Accelerator when starting.
B) works only at night.
C) will cause you to use more fuel if you press the Accelerator when starting
D) Can save you fuel on short Journeys.
5. What causes \'brake fade\'?
A) Continuous use of the brakes.
B) Repeated pumping of the brakes.
C) Loss of air pressure in the system.
D) Badly worn brake pads.
6. Your tachograph chart becomes dirty or damaged. What should you do?
A) Continue with the same chart and enter the details in writing.
B) Use a spare chart and destroy the damaged chart.
C) Use a spare chart and attach it to the damaged one.
D) Continue to use the chart.
7. In a diesel engine which of the following fuels would most improve vehicle emissions.
A) High sulphur diesels.
B) Red diesel.
C) Low sulphur diesel.
D) Blue diesel.
8. Excessive Smoke From The Exhaust may cause you
A) To be reported to the authority that deals with the environment.
B) To be prosecuted
C) To avoid speed cameras
D) May create brake fade situations.
9. You are driving a lorry with a high load. Telephone companies on the route must be told if the height is more than?
A) 4 meters.
B) 4.30 meters
C) 5 meters
D) 5.25 meters
10. The legs on a demountable body allow you to?
A) Load and unload the body without stopping.
B) Demount the body without a crane.
C) Stack one body on top of another.
D) Alter the overall height of the vehicle.
11. You are driving a 38 tonnes lorry and trailer on a dual carriageway with a national speed limit applies sign : (white circle with black line through it.) What is your max speed is?
A) 40mph.
B) 50mph.
C) 60mph.
D) 70mph.
12. Triangular projection markers are required when your load is wider than 2.9 meters what color are these?
A) Black/yellow.
B) Red/yellow.
C) Black/white
D) Red/white.
13. Special types of vehicles must carry a statutory attendant if the width is more than.
A) vehicle or its load exceeds 3.5m in width
B) vehicle or its load exceeds 3.3m in width
C) vehicle or its load exceeds 3.1m in width
D) vehicle or its load exceeds 3.2m in width
14. At very low temperatures diesel fuel will become less effective unless?
A) Anti-freeze is added.
B) Anti-waxing additives are added.
C) Petrol is added.
D) Paraffin is added.
15. What is the national speed limit for a lorry over 7.5 tonnes on a motorway?
A) 50mph.
B) 55mph.
C) 70mph.
D) 60mph.
16. On an articulated lorry which has a three-line connection, the red line is the?
A) Emergency line.
B) Service line.
C) Auxiliary line.
D) Electrical line.
17. Tyres on Buses and some trucks have codes on them.This Means
A) Make of Tyre.
B) Lorry make and Model
C) Speed Capability.
D) Time of being Blown Up.
18. After Recoupling The Trailer you should adjust your mirrors to see.
A) Out the back window
B) Out the side windows
C) At the front tyre.
D) Down both sides of the trailer.
19. Jack-Knifing of an articulated lorry is more likely to occur when the trailer is?
A) Loaded at the front.
B) Loaded at the rear.
C) Unloaded.
D) Fully loaded.
20. Air tanks on brake systems require draining because?
A) Excess coolant may collect in them.
B) Rain water can often seep in.
C) Any engine leakages are directed here.
D) Of moisture drawn in from the atmosphere.