Category C (Rigid Lorry)

1. You are driving a 38 tonne lorry on a single carriageway road You see a National speed limit applies sign. (white circle with a black line through it
You may drive up to?
A) 40mph.
B) 50mph.
C) 60 mph.
D) 70 mph.
2. A tractor unit has three air lines.You are connecting to a trailer with two air lines.What
colour is the line you should NOT connect to the trailer?
A) Red .
B) Yellow.
C) Black.
D) Blue.
3. What is the correct name for the situation when an unladed lorry is most likely to loose control not a laden one !!!
A) Jason knife
B) Steady Eddie Knife
C) Darren Knife
D) Jack Knife
4. In a diesel engine which of the following fuels would most improve vehicle emissions.
A) High sulphur diesels.
B) Red diesel.
C) Low sulphur diesel.
D) Blue diesel.
5. How often shold your anti lock brakes be checked.
A) After each journey.
B) after one week.
C) before a journey.
D) prior to going up a hill.
6. A fifth wheel coupling relies on which of the following connection devices?
A) A queen pin.
B) A cousin pin.
C) A king pin.
D) Crank handle.
7. JP's method of working out a car and Trailers speed limits on the three main roads are.
Motorway Dual Carriageway Single Carriageway -
A) 10 10 10
B) 20 20 20
C) 15 15 15
D) 15 15 15
8. If you overload an axle. Select 2 answers
A) You will use more fuel on uphills only.
B) you will be prosecuted.
C) you will damage the environment.
D) You will not get nto trouble it happens sometime.
9. Triangular projection markers are required when your load is wider than 2.9 meters what color are these?
A) Black/yellow.
B) Red/yellow.
C) Black/white
D) Red/white.
10. At the end of your working week you have driven a total of 56hours. What is the max number of hours that you can drive in the following week under EC rules?
A) 24.
B) 34.
C) 44.
D) 54.
11. Trams running on electricity
will have.
A) Metal studs near them
B) White lines.
C) Box Junctions
D) Normal Traffic lights with flashing Amber Phase.
12. At very low temperatures diesel fuel will become less effective unless?
A) Anti-freeze is added.
B) Anti-waxing additives are added.
C) Petrol is added.
D) Paraffin is added.
13. Using poor quality diesel fuel may lead to?
A) Better fuel economy.
B) Lower exhaust emissions.
C) longer service intervals.
D) Early blockage of a fuel injector.
14. Under EC rules what is the maximum daily driving time allowed?
A) 9 hours extended to ten hours on two days of the week.
B) 8 hours on three days a week.
C) 6 hours extended to 9 hours two days a week.
D) 10 hours extended to 9 hours.
15. What causes \'brake fade\'?
A) Continuous use of the brakes.
B) Repeated pumping of the brakes.
C) Loss of air pressure in the system.
D) Badly worn brake pads.
16. You are driving a lorry with a high load. Telephone companies on the route must be told if the height is more than?
A) 4 meters.
B) 4.30 meters
C) 5 meters
D) 5.25 meters
17. How wide can a load be before you must have side markers?
A) 3.9m
B) 2.9m
C) 3.4m
D) 2.8m
18. Vehicle bounce is greater on ?
A) Long Wheel Base vehicles.
B) Short Wheel Base Vehicles
C) Middle Wheel Base Vehicles.
D) Long Wheel lgv
19. You are uncoupling a lorry and trailer. After disconnecting the electric line you should?
A) Stow it away safely.
B) Drive forward slowly.
C) Lower the landing gear.
D) Apply the trailer brake.
20. If you drive a fully loaded petrol tanker with a max of 10 tonnes you must.
A) Have a warning triangle on your window.
B) You must have a flame suit in your cab.
C) You can only smoke when inside the cab
D) you must have a valid DVLA approved Course Certificate.