Category C (Rigid Lorry)

1. Jack-Knifing of an articulated lorry is more likely to occur when the trailer is?
A) Loaded at the front.
B) Loaded at the rear.
C) Unloaded.
D) Fully loaded.
2. You are driving a lorry with a maximum authorised mass of more than 7.5 tonnes.What is the national speed limit on a dual carriageway?
A) 40 mph
B) 50 mph
C) 60 mph
D) 70 mph
3. Trams running on electricity
will have.
A) Metal studs near them
B) White lines.
C) Box Junctions
D) Normal Traffic lights with flashing Amber Phase.
4. JP's method of working out a car and Trailers speed limits on the three main roads are.
Motorway Dual Carriageway Single Carriageway -
A) 10 10 10
B) 20 20 20
C) 15 15 15
D) 15 15 15
5. You are stationary. The air brake pressure warning light comes on. Why should you not release the parking brake?
A) Because the vehicle wil suddenly roll backwards.
B) Because it will cause the air pressure to rise.
C) Because the service brake may not stop you.
D) Because the warning light will go out.
6. You are driving a 38 tonne lorry on a single carriageway road You see a National speed limit applies sign. (white circle with a black line through it
You may drive up to?
A) 40mph.
B) 50mph.
C) 60 mph.
D) 70 mph.
7. Triangular projection markers are required when your load is wider than 2.9 meters what color are these?
A) Black/yellow.
B) Red/yellow.
C) Black/white
D) Red/white.
8. As the driver of a vehicle fitted with an ant-lock braking system,you should check it is working before each?
A) Service.
B) Day\\\\\\\'s work./journey
C) mot
D) Week\\\\\\\'s Work
9. The legs on a demountable body allow you to?
A) Load and unload the body without stopping.
B) Demount the body without a crane.
C) Stack one body on top of another.
D) Alter the overall height of the vehicle.
10. Fifth wheels need to be inspected.
A) Daily
B) Weekly.
C) Monthly.
D) Every fifth day of the month.
11. Cat C Vehicle Driver can tow
A) Anything.above 7500 kg
B) 3 Quarter tonne trailer
C) A large trailer
D) A trailler that weight is 750 kg
12. Rolling resistance, sometimes called rolling friction or rolling drag
If using Low Rolling Resistance Tyres You will
A) Save Fuel
B) Use more Fuel
C) freewheel doen hills better
D) Roll down hils much faster when coasting
13. Using poor quality diesel fuel may lead to?
A) Better fuel economy.
B) Lower exhaust emissions.
C) longer service intervals.
D) Early blockage of a fuel injector.
14. You are driving a lorry carrying a load which is 4.5m (14feet 9inches) wide. What is your max speed allowed on a motorway?
A) 30mph.
B) 40mph.
C) 50mph.
D) 60mph.
15. During your break your vehicle will be moved by another person. What should you do with the tachograph chart?
A) Leave the chart in the vehicle and record the changes on the back.
B) Put in a new chart on your return to the vehicle.
C) Switch to rest mode to record the break.
D) Remove the chart and make a manual record of the break period.
16. At the end of your working week you have driven a total of 56hours. What is the max number of hours that you can drive in the following week under EC rules?
A) 24.
B) 34.
C) 44.
D) 54.
17. What colours do you need to remember when thinking about over hang of 2 meters or more
A) Red /yellow
B) Red/White
C) yellow /Red
D) Green /Blue
18. Special types of vehicles must carry a statutory attendant if the width is more than.
A) vehicle or its load exceeds 3.5m in width
B) vehicle or its load exceeds 3.3m in width
C) vehicle or its load exceeds 3.1m in width
D) vehicle or its load exceeds 3.2m in width
19. After recoupling your trailer you should adjust your mirrors to enable you to see.
A) The full view of your load.
B) Both pairs of rear wheels.
C) Down each side of the trailer.
D) The road on the other side.
20. An engine management system on your vehicle.
A) will cause you to use less fuel if you press the Accelerator when starting.
B) works only at night.
C) will cause you to use more fuel if you press the Accelerator when starting
D) Can save you fuel on short Journeys.