Category C (Rigid Lorry)

1. You can use hazard warning lights while moving if?
A) Your towing another vehicle.
B) Traffic in front on a motorway is being slowed down fast.
C) Being towed by another vehicle.
D) An overtaking lorry has cleared the front of your vehicle.
2. How wide can a load be before you must have side markers?
A) 3.9m
B) 2.9m
C) 3.4m
D) 2.8m
3. You are driving a tractor unit fitted with two air lines. You want to couple up to a trailer with three air-lines.How should this be done.
A) The trailer auxiliary line should be left unconnected.
B) Only the auxiliary line should be connected.
C) Only the service line should be connected.
D) The trailer service line should be left unconnected.
4. The tachograph will start recording as soon as?
A) The chart is inserted.
B) The vehicle starts.
C) When you press start.
D) When the handbrake is taken off.
5. Vehicle bounce is greater on ?
A) Long Wheel Base vehicles.
B) Short Wheel Base Vehicles
C) Middle Wheel Base Vehicles.
D) Long Wheel lgv
6. What is the minimium height of an unmarked bridge?
A) 4.0meters (16.7mm).
B) 5.0meters (16.6inches).
C) 16.6meters (5.0 inches).
D) 3.6 meters (16inches).
7. A fifth wheel coupling relies on which of the following connection devices?
A) A queen pin.
B) A cousin pin.
C) A king pin.
D) Crank handle.
8. Trams running on electricity
will have.
A) Metal studs near them
B) White lines.
C) Box Junctions
D) Normal Traffic lights with flashing Amber Phase.
9. You are uncoupling a lorry and trailer. After disconnecting the electric line you should?
A) Stow it away safely.
B) Drive forward slowly.
C) Lower the landing gear.
D) Apply the trailer brake.
10. How wide can a load be before you must have side markers?
A) 2.8 meters (7 feet 4 inches).
B) 2.9 meters (9 feet 5 inches).
C) 3.2 meters (6 feet 3 inches).
D) 3.6 meters (9 feet 3 inches).
11. What colours do you need to remember when thinking about over hang of 2 meters or more
A) Red /yellow
B) Red/White
C) yellow /Red
D) Green /Blue
12. How far can a load overhang at the rear before you must use triangular projection markers?
A) 1m
B) 2.9 m
C) 3m
D) 2m
13. What causes \'brake fade\'?
A) Continuous use of the brakes.
B) Repeated pumping of the brakes.
C) Loss of air pressure in the system.
D) Badly worn brake pads.
14. You are making a journey with a co-driver. When the other person is driving you may show some of this time as.
A) A daily rest period.
B) A weekly rest period.
C) A break in daily driving.
D) Driving time.
15. The near side of a vehicle is
A) The side close to the kerb
B) The side close to the centre line
C) The Passenger side of the vehicle
D) The driver side of the vehicle
16. Under EC rules a tachograph must be - recalibrated every.
A) 4 years
B) 6 years
C) 8 years
D) 10 years
17. You are stationary. The air brake pressure warning light comes on. Why should you not release the parking brake?
A) Because the vehicle wil suddenly roll backwards.
B) Because it will cause the air pressure to rise.
C) Because the service brake may not stop you.
D) Because the warning light will go out.
18. After Recoupling The Trailer you should adjust your mirrors to see.
A) Out the back window
B) Out the side windows
C) At the front tyre.
D) Down both sides of the trailer.
19. When driving a vehicle requiring the use of a tachograph. You must carry charts for the current week and the last.
A) Day of the previous week on which you drove.
B) Seven days on which you drove.
C) 14 days on which you drove.
D) 28 days on which you drove.
20. A vehicles reverse warning bleeper must NOT be used?
A) Between 11.00pm and 7.00am in 30mph limits.
B) Between 11.30pm and 7.00am in 30mph limits.
C) Between 11.30pm and 7.30am in 30mph limits.
D) Between 11.00pm and 7.30am in 30mph limits.