Category D (PCV)

1. Your double deck bus breaks down on a busy road. You should ask your passengers to move to the?
A) Rear of the bus.
B) Lower deck.
C) Top deck.
D) Front of the bus.
2. You intend to drive in Europe. What must you carry?
A) A Valid certfifcate of road worthiness.
B) Your vehicle workshop manual.
C) Your national driving licence.
D) A valid breakdown cover certificate.
3. You are driving on a motorway and suddenly become tired what should you do?
A) Stop on the hard shoulder and rest
B) Stop on the next slip road and rest
C) Leave by the next exit and find a place to stop
D) Stop on the verge of the motorway and rest.
4. You are two and a half times over the legal alcohol limit and you are disqualified from driving. Before regaining your licence which body will you have to satisfy that you do NOT have an alcohol problem?
A) The local hospital
B) Drivers\\\' Medical Branch,DVLA
C) Alcoholics Anonymous
D) Vechicle and Operator Services Agency
5. Speed limiters are fitted to most modern buses and coaches they normally work by
A) Applying the service brake.
B) Reducing fuel supplied to the engine.
C) Applying the secondary brake.
D) Changing to a lower or higher gear.
6. When a speed limiter is fitted to a bus where must the setting be displayed clearly?
A) In the driver's cab.
B) On the rear of the vehicle
C) On the Nearside of the vehicle
D) On the driver\'s side at the front of the vehicle
7. You start your journey on a foggy night you are delayed because of the fog and exceed your permitted hours this means.
A) You will not be committing an offence as the delay was due to the weather .
B) Your excess hours can be transfered to another day.
C) You could be committing an offence as the delay could be foreseen.
D) Your excess hours will not apply because of the weather.
8. The purpose of a kneeling bus is to?
A) Improve passenger comfort on bumpy roads.
B) Allow the step height to be raised and lowered
C) Help with access under low bridges.
D) Give more clearance over speed ramps.
9. You are parking your vehicle it is fitted with a turbo engine you should.
A) Rev the engine up then switch it off.
B) Allow the engine to idle then switch it off.
C) Switch the engine of immediately.
D) Switch the engine off and on reapeatedly.
10. When towing a trailer the maximum speed allowed on a motorway is?
A) 40mph
B) 60mph
C) 50mph
D) 70mph
11. Under EC rules your normal daily rest period should be at least.
A) 8hrs.
B) 11hrs.
C) 13hrs.
D) 14hrs.
12. You may remove your seat belt when carrying out a manoeuvre that involves?
A) Reversing
B) A hill start
C) An emergency stop
D) Driving slowly
13. When driving in Europe you must carry
A) A valid certificate of roadworthiness
B) The vehicle registration document
C) The vehicle workshop manual
D) A valid breakdown cover certificate
14. Under EC rules a driver must take a break after a continuous driving period of.
A) 3 hrs.
B) 4.5hrs.
C) 4 hours.
D) 5.5hrs.
15. Why should you carry spare tachograph charts?
A) As a defence against a speeding prosecution.
B) For recording extra loading duties and overtime.
C) To record when you have been in a traffic delay
D) to replace the original chart if it gets dirty
16. Fuel consumption could be increased by continuous use of?
A) Air suspention
B) Air conditioning
C) Heated mirrors
D) Electrical retarder
17. You are taking a weekly rest period away from your normal base. Under EC rules this rest period must last a minimum number of consecutive hours.This must be.
A) 18 hours.
B) 36 hours.
C) 24 hrs.
D) 45 hrs.
18. A large vehicle is most stable when driven in a straight line under.
A) Harsh acceleration
B) Gentle acceleration
C) Gentle braking
D) Harsh braking
19. The driver of a bus with 18 seats on an excursion journey from London to Scotland should abide by which drivers hours rules?
A) AETR only.
B) Domestic.
C) EC only.
D) EC and AETR.
20. You are following a lorry and notice it has a leaking fuel tank what should you be especially aware of?
A) The road may be very slippery
B) The fuel may splash your vehicle
C) Your brake linings will become slippery
D) Your spray reducers will not be effective