Category D (PCV)

1. The driver of a bus with 18 seats on an excursion journey from London to Scotland should abide by which drivers hours rules?
A) AETR only.
B) Domestic.
C) EC only.
D) EC and AETR.
2. Which category licence do you need to drive a tri-axle double-deck coach?
A) D1
B) D1+E
C) D
D) C
3. You are driving on a motorway your stopping distance can increase by up to ten times if the road surface is?
A) Bumpy.
B) Worn
C) Icy
D) Wet
4. Your bus has a speed limiter fitted what other related item must it have?
A) An audible warning device for the driver
B) A warning sign on the back of the bus
C) A plate in the cab showing the limited speed
D) A manual over ride switch for emergencies
5. You may remove your seat belt when carrying out a manoeuvre that involves?
A) Reversing
B) A hill start
C) An emergency stop
D) Driving slowly
6. The location of which of the following must be clearly labelled on a bus? Select 2 answers...
A) Fuel cut-off switch
B) First aid /fire extinguisher
C) air vents/ash trays
D) Vehicle length
7. You have been convicted of a drink-drive offence while driving your car and have been banned from driving this ban will affect
A) Only your car entitlement
B) All your driving entitlements
C) Only your lorry entitlement
D) Only your bus entitlement
8. Fuel consumption could be increased by continuous use of?
A) Air suspention
B) Air conditioning
C) Heated mirrors
D) Electrical retarder
9. You have been convicted of a drink driving offence while driving your car and banned from driving. This ban will affect.
A) All your driving entitlements.
B) Only your lorry entitlement
C) Only your car entitlement
D) Only your bus entitlement.
10. A passenger is boarding your busand they are carrying a white stick with a red ring painted on it: What does this mean?
A) They have a learning difficulty
B) They have a physical disability
C) They have poor Vision and hearing
D) They have a speech problem
11. Maximum authorised mass refers to the weight of
A) Your vehicle with passengers but no luggage.
B) Your vehicle with luggage but no passengers.
C) Your vehicle without passengers or luggage.
D) your vehicle with both luggage and passengers
12. When a speed limiter is fitted to a bus where must the setting be displayed clearly?
A) In the driver's cab.
B) On the rear of the vehicle
C) On the Nearside of the vehicle
D) On the driver\'s side at the front of the vehicle
13. Your double deck bus breaks down on a busy road. You should ask your passengers to move to the?
A) Rear of the bus.
B) Lower deck.
C) Top deck.
D) Front of the bus.
14. When driving your half-cab bus you hear the three-bell signal from the conductor this means
A) Stop when safe.
B) The Bus is FULL
C) Bus empty.
D) Move of wen safe.
15. Your vehicle is more than 3 meters high where is this information usually displayed?
A) On the tax disc.
B) In the drivers cab.
C) On the weight plate.
D) In the engine bay.
16. You are driving a 1996 bus which must be fitted with a speed limiter. At what speed is the limiter set?
A) 60 mph
B) 70 mph
C) 62 mph
D) 72mph
17. Vechicle are fitted with air suspension to
A) reduce wear to roads
B) reduce tyre wear
C) improve fuel consumption
D) help the driver stay awake
18. The national speed limit for buses and coaches on a dual carriageway is?
A) 55mph
B) 65mph
C) 60mph
D) 70mph
19. Air pressure should be bulit up with the?
A) Engine switched off
B) Service brake on
C) Engine ticking over
D) Engine reving up
20. You are two and a half times over the legal alcohol limit and you are disqualified from driving. Before regaining your licence which body will you have to satisfy that you do NOT have an alcohol problem?
A) The local hospital
B) Drivers\\\' Medical Branch,DVLA
C) Alcoholics Anonymous
D) Vechicle and Operator Services Agency