Category D (PCV)

1. What is the minimum height of an unmarked bridge?
A) 4.5 meters
B) 4.8 meters
C) 4.7 meters
D) 5.0 meters
2. You are driving a 1996 bus which must be fitted with a speed limiter. At what speed is the limiter set?
A) 60 mph
B) 70 mph
C) 62 mph
D) 72mph
3. You are driving a long vehicle and you want to turn right. There is a painted mini-roundabout.What should you do?
A) Make sure none of your wheels touch the roundabout.
B) Go ahead,and turn right at the next junction.
C) Avoid going over the roundabout if possible
D) Carefully mount the left-hand kerb to make more room.
4. Under EC rules a driver must take a break after a continuous driving period of.
A) 3 hrs.
B) 4.5hrs.
C) 4 hours.
D) 5.5hrs.
5. The tachograph on your vehicle becomes fault, it can be repaired on return to base if this is within
A) One day
B) One week
C) Three days
D) Two days.
6. You are driving a high-sided vehicle in very windy conditions. Which of the following should you avoid if possible?
A) Suspension Bridges
B) Steep Hills
C) Country Lanes
D) Road Tunnels
7. Under EC rules your normal daily rest period should be at least.
A) 8hrs.
B) 11hrs.
C) 13hrs.
D) 14hrs.
8. When towing a trailer the maximum speed allowed on a motorway is?
A) 40mph
B) 60mph
C) 50mph
D) 70mph
9. Air pressure should be bulit up with the?
A) Engine switched off
B) Service brake on
C) Engine ticking over
D) Engine reving up
10. When driving your half-cab bus you hear the three-bell signal from the conductor this means
A) Stop when safe.
B) The Bus is FULL
C) Bus empty.
D) Move of wen safe.
11. Your vehicle is fitted with a warning device which sounds when reversing when should you not use it in a built-up area.
A) Between 10.30pm and 6.30am
B) Between 11.30pm and 7am
C) Between 11pm and 6.30am
D) Between 12.30am and 8am
12. You are following a lorry and notice it has a leaking fuel tank what should you be especially aware of?
A) The road may be very slippery
B) The fuel may splash your vehicle
C) Your brake linings will become slippery
D) Your spray reducers will not be effective
13. You are driving on a motorway in high winds and you are overtaking a motorcyclist. You should be especailly aware of the effects caused by
A) Exhaust smoke
B) Engine noise
C) Buffeting
D) Tyre noise
14. When a speed limiter is fitted to a bus where must the setting be displayed clearly?
A) In the driver's cab.
B) On the rear of the vehicle
C) On the Nearside of the vehicle
D) On the driver\'s side at the front of the vehicle
15. Your double deck bus breaks down on a busy road. You should ask your passengers to move to the?
A) Rear of the bus.
B) Lower deck.
C) Top deck.
D) Front of the bus.
16. You are driving on a motorway and suddenly become tired what should you do?
A) Stop on the hard shoulder and rest
B) Stop on the next slip road and rest
C) Leave by the next exit and find a place to stop
D) Stop on the verge of the motorway and rest.
17. The tachograph will start recording as soon as the?
A) Engine is started.
B) Vehicle starts moving.
C) Ignition is switched on.
D) Chart is inserted.
18. When should you use hazard warning lights.
A) To warn other drivers that you are towing.
B) when parked illegally on a busy road.
C) Approaching queuing traffic on a motorway.
D) To thank a driver for giving way to you.
19. Vechicle are fitted with air suspension to
A) reduce wear to roads
B) reduce tyre wear
C) improve fuel consumption
D) help the driver stay awake
20. While driving at night you see a pedestrian wearing reflective clothing and carrying a red light. This means you are approaching?
A) Men at work
B) An accident blackspot
C) An organised walk
D) Slow moving vehicles