1. You have to treat somone for shock at the scene of an should
A) Walk them around to calm them down
B) Give them something cold to drink
C) Cool them down as soon as possible
D) Reassure them constantly
2. A toucan crossing is different from other crossings because.
A) It is controlled by two flashing lights
B) It is controlled by a traffic warden
C) Cyclist can use it
D) Moped riders can use it
3. On a driving test while starting off uphill, the candidate stalls the car. The examiner will record the fault on the driving test report in the heading?
A) Move away safely.
B) Make proper use of the clutch.
C) Make proper use of the clutch and handbrake.
D) Move away under control.
4. A pelican crossing that crosses the road in a straight line and has a central island must be treated as?
A) One complete crossing.
B) Two crossings during darkness.
C) Two separate crossing.One crossing in daylight only.
D) Two separate crossing.
5. You are going ahead in a one-way street, unless road markings indicate otherwise you should drive in?
A) The most appropriate lane.
B) The right-hand lane.
C) The left-hand lane.
D) Any lane
6. You need to top up your battery what level should it be filled up to?
A) Just above the cell plates
B) Half way up the battery
C) The top of the battery
D) Just below the cell plates
7. You must show your motor insurance certificate when?
A) You are taking your driving test.
B) Having an MOT inspection.
C) Buying or selling a vehicle.
D) You are taxing your vehicle.
8. Before driving anyone elses motor vehicle you should make sure that?
A) The owner has left the insurance documents in the vehicle.
B) The vehicle owner has third party insurance cover.
C) Your own vehicle has insurance cover.
D) The vehicle is insured for your use.
9. You wish to turn right you should take up the correct position in good time to?
A) Allow drivers to pass you on the right
B) Give a better view into the road that you are joining
C) Help other road users know what you intend to do
D) Allow other drivers to pull out in front of you
10. You should inform a pregnant pupil, who is not medically exempt
A) That they must wear the seat belt in the normal way
B) To only wear the lap of a three point seat belt
C) That it is not necessary to wear a seat belt
D) That they should not take lessons until after the birth
11. What advise does the highway code give you when turning right onto a dual carriageway with a very narrow central reservation?
A) Emerge slightly to show your intentions.
B) Stop in the first lane so that other vehicles give way.
C) Proceed to the central reservation and wait.
D) Wait unti the road is clear in both directions.
12. The publications containing advice on traffic regulations for all road users is
A) Driving the essential Skills.
B) Roadcraft.
C) The official Driving Test.
D) The Highway code.
13. Car passengers must wear a seat belt if one is available. Unless they are
A) Under 14 years old
B) Sitting in the rear seat
C) Exempt for medical reasons
D) Under 1.5 meters in Height
14. A driver will be disqualified if they accumulate more than 12 penalty points in a period of
A) 3 years
B) 5 years
C) 4 years
D) 6nmonths
15. You are driving along a road that has a cycle lane. The lane is marked by a solid white line. This means that during its period of operation.
A) You may drive in that lane at any time.
B) The lane may be used for parking your car.
C) You must not drive in that lane.
D) The lane may be used when necessary.
16. The minimum distance that an examiner would ask a candidate to read an old style number plate which has letters and numbers of 79.4mm or three and one eighth inches high is.....
A) 20.5 meters
B) 18.0 meters
C) 22.7 meters
D) 25.0 meters
17. You are on a dual carriageway ahead you see a slow moving vehicle with an amber flashing light the Highway code states that this light will be fitted on a....
A) A fire engine
B) A doctors vehicle
C) An ambulance
D) A disabled persons vehicle
18. You are towing a trailer with your car on a motorway. What is the maximum speed limit?
A) 40 mph
B) 50 mph
C) 70 mph
D) 60 mph
19. An accident has just happened. An injured person is lying in the busy road. What is the first thing you should do to Help?
A) Treat the person for shock
B) Warn other traffic
C) Make sure the person is kept warm
D) Place them in the recovery position
20. When teaching a pupil to drive a car in a smooth and co-ordinated manner the area of activity where learning will mainly take place will be.
A) Psychomotor
B) Emotional
C) Intellectual
D) Psychological