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Since 1987, JP Penrose Driving School has provided the community of North-East Antrim with the skills, resources & drive to place them on the road to success.

  • Practical lessons - automatic & manual.
  • Online one-to-one theory test training.


Learn how to become a better, more compassionate and ultimately more effective leader in this hour-long session with esteemed Life Coach, Daniel Gallego.

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Teaching in EVs.

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Ahead of the Competition.

In 2022, we became the first driving school in Northern Ireland to use electric vehicles when teaching practical lessons to ensure we’re taking the right turn towards a sustainable, healthier future.

Listen to our take on why a sustainable route for learning helps protect our future, even if just a little.


John Penrose - Founder of JP Penrose School of Motoring

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Listen to our take on how using solar energy can protect you from rising fuel costs.

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